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Sites in GridPP


Key Documents

Important documents are called Key Docs. This describes how to make sure the core documents get maintained well.

Deletions or other major changes can be listed for discussion in Stale documents.

GridPP Cloud

Project Management Pages

GridPP Tier2 Support




Middleware - early adoption & testing

VO Support

Getting up and running on the grid - site admins

A tool, Instant UI, has been written to set up a User Interface (UI) quickly and easily. Instructions are available here:

For those who wish to "roll their own", a routinely updated tarball of a typical site-info.def/vo.d is available here:

This setup contains all the GridPP approved VOs and should be up to date.

Manual ways to setup a UI are also documented here:

Getting up and running on the grid - users

Getting up and running on the grid - new VOs

Note - this section is under development.




LCG Service Challenges

Operations Team

Deployment Team pages

Useful Links

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