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My site supports ALICE/ATLAS/CMS/LHCb. Which monitoring pages are relevant to me?

Visit the following sections on this wiki:

ALICE monitoring pages

ATLAS monitoring pages

CMS monitoring pages

LHCb monitoring pages

My monthly site availability/reliability seems to be wrong. Where can I check that?

You need to use the historical view of the SAM3 dashboard for your experiment(s):

ALICE SAM3 historical view

ATLAS SAM3 historical view

CMS SAM3 historical view

LHCb SAM3 historical view

You can select the appropriate view, your site and the time range you would like to check.

I found that my monthly site availability/reliability is wrong. How can I request a re-computation?

Here is the link for the procedure: Availability Recomputation Policy.

My site has been notified with a problem from the WLCG Nagios Ops testing. Where can I found the Nagios checks to debug it?

See UKI_WLCG_Regional_Nagios for further information and relevant links.

Is there an overview of useful site monitoring tools?

Yes, check MonitoringTools on this wiki.

Is there an overview of the main Grid monitoring webpages?

Sure, see the Grid Monitoring section.

I want to monitor file transfers to/from my site, how can I do that?

A good place to start is Transfers and Networking Monitoring.

Where is my Grid accounting monitored?

Here is the home page: EGI Accounting

I want to have an idea about the status of deployment at my site compared to others. Where can I check that?

The section Status tracking links provides useful information.

I have a question about monitoring which is not covered here, who do I ask to?

Send an email to the people involved in monitoring within GridPP:

Federico Melaccio, David Crooks