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Bristol Grid Resources

  • 16 PP cores dedicated to LCG Grid (increase of 700% over Oct 2005 when I started)
  • 81 jobslots on SL4 HPC
  • PP WN CPU Model: Intel Xeon E5405 (2.0GHz), Spec2000 = 2100
  • HPC WN CPU Model: AMD 2218 (2.6GHz), Spec2000 = 1745
  • SpecFloat: No idea
  • RAM: 2 GB/core
  • Supported VOs: alice atlas cms dteam gridpp lhcb ops zeus


  • 960 TB as HDFS (replication factor 2) with DMLite as frontend (xrootd, GridFTP)

Monitoring and Accounting


Answers to GridPP 'Ten Easy Network Questions': Bristol (10 Questions)

Ongoing Work and Plans