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London Sites

London Tier 2 consists of the following Tier 2 grid sites:

UKI-LT2-Brunel Please use mailing list (lcg-admin [at]
UKI-LT2-UCL-HEP Please use mailing list (lcg-admin [at]
UKI-LT2-IC-HEP Please use mailing list (lcg-site-admin [at]
UKI-LT2-QMUL Please use mailing list (edg-site-admin [at]
UKI-LT2-RHUL Please use mailing list (grid-admin [at]

Please check the GOCDB for updates.

Contacting Sites

The preferred mechanism for contacting London sites is GGUS since it allows to track the issues. Please make sure to set the site name in the subject line.

  • If you have a request for London in general please contact the London Tier2 Manager
  • If you want to have a direct contact with the site admins please use the emails in the table above.

Supported virtual organisations (VOs)

  • We currently support approximately 20 VO in London.

This place is a good starting point.

Development and Testing


Imperial is an Early Adopter for the EMI WMS, QMUL for Storm.
See also: Staged Rollout


This is the place to look for day-day news (though sadly somewhat neglected these days). The blog is here (last entry 2014, because it's really not a good way to get information across). We also give an rss feed for the blog.

Experiment Involvement


  • CMS Activities in London are lead by D.Colling.


Configuration Tips

  • Daniela's lovingly maintained archive of installing all things grid (if you need a password to see my siteinfo.defs, please email me).