Atlas FCR Procedure

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FCR for ATLAS is configured as follows:

  • Every T1 is whitelisted
  • Every Tx (x .ne. 1) is included or excluded based on the results of the critical SAM tests. The SAM tests for ATLAS are run centrally with an ATLAS SGM credential (they should get priority at the site) and are the same set of tests run by the "ops" VO. However, the tests critical for ATLAS are only
  1. Job Submission
  2. CA certs version
  3. VO software directory

The idea would be also to put ATLAS specific tests, but this has not been done so far. If the site fails a critical test it is BLACKLISTED within 10 minutes. The site remains blacklisted until passes all three critical tests again. When it passes all tests again it is re-inserted within 10 minutes. All this is done automatically by the FCR framework. The SAM jobs are submitted every 2 hours.

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