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Sussex University

The Atlas group has a new cluster with a Lustre based filesystem which use Infiniband interconnects

Thursday 12th May

Myself (Emyr) & Jeremy got some old machines into the data centre to install the grid services on. Their mac addresses have been registered in the Sussex system and hostnames have been assigned. I created a USB Stick to boot these machines and do an automatic install of SL5.5 using kickstart. Will hopefully get into the datacentre tomorrow with Tom Armour to get the OS installed so that the install of the GridPP software can begin.

Monday 23rd May

The 4 machines are now installed with SL5.5 Network is working and can ssh into them. Next strp is to install the GridPP software stack.

Have got the bdii rpm's installed on gridpp-dev-1 and Jeremy has set up a CNAME for it :

Now need to sort out the BDII config file....

Thursday 1st September

Bringing this blog up to date for the final push to becoming a Tier 2...

I've installed a fresh SL5.5 on 4 machines earmarked to run the services. These have been installed in the data centre and are ready to go. On each machine I've added the appropriate software for the bdii, cream and apel. We will leave the storage setup until we have these 3 things up and working. I have got hold of the CPU SPEC benchmarking suite and am running a hepspec06 benchmark on one of the nodes to get the numbers to put in the cream config. I think all that's left for phase 1 (i.e. get an almost fully working site sans storage element) is to finish off configuring these 3 services, ensuring the local firewall rules are all in place and then letting the powers that be know so that compute jobs can start trickling in.

Also, CVMFS is up and working on the local cluster.