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Site proxy

EVO runs with Java Web start. Normally you need to install Java web start separately, but it comes bundled with Java 1.6.

If your site blocks outgoing HTTP(S), you need to tell Java web start how to set up the proxy. Here's how (Windows):

  1. Run the command 'javaws -viewer'. If javaws is in your path, this will open a window "Java Cache Viewer" - close it.
  2. Underneath there should be another window, "Java Control Panel." In the default "General" tab, click Network settings. The default is "use browser settings" but if that doesn't work, click "Use proxy server" and then "Advanced". Fill in your proxy information under "HTTP" and "Secure."
  3. Close. Try running EVO again.

EVO "shortcut"

If you've run EVO successfully once, on Windows try looking in your "home" directory (this is the cygwin view, if you don't have cygwin then install cygwin - alternatively, click "start", "run", and type "cmd" and use the dos commands):

cp Local\ Settings/Temp/koala.jnlp Desktop/

That's it - now you have a JNLP "shortcut" on your desktop, and you don't have to start your browser to run EVO.


One more gotcha. When you book a meeting, although it says "Greenwich mean time" it really means BST.