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This page is about the Rucio instance at RAL.

Official Rucio pages

Getting Set up

Please contact Ian Johnson or Timothy Noblewith:

  • Rucio username,
  • The subject from your eScience certificate to get this use:
openssl x509 -subject -noout -in <path/to/your/usercert.pem>
  • Your preferred email address
  • Name of the VO you wish to join or create.
  • Your public SSH key.

We currently have drc for DIRAC, dtm for DTEAM, gpp for GridPP, etc We will then set up your account.

For Users

For SysAdmins

UK Rucio Development

There is a weekly Rucio development meeting on Thursday 2pm (UK time). Meeting agendas can be found here:

STFC development github is:

Testing RUCIO in containers: RucioDocker