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Birmingham Particle Physics Group

Our Grid Resources

Atlas cluster

  • Number of Job Slots: 28
  • CPU Model: Intel xeon
  • CPU speed: 2GHz
  • SpecInt: 756
  • SpecFloat: 764
  • RAM: 1024MB
  • Supported VOs: alice atlas babar biomed calice cms dteam hone ilc lhcb sixt zeus

BaBar cluster

The Grid part of this farm is down due to ongoing problems with power supplies and several broekn disks.

  • 1 one node for a BaBar xrootd server
  • 1 one node for a BaBar Objectivity server
  • 5 nodes dedicated to the PPS
  • Number of Job Slots: 104 (4 job slots lost because of faulty disks)
  • CPU Model: Intel PIII
  • CPU speed: 800MHz
  • SpecInt: 340
  • SpecFloat: 226
  • RAM: 1024MB
  • Supported VOs: alice babar cms hone lhcb zeus (90% of jobs slots for BaBar)


  • 1.8TB raid array lying behind DPM/SRM

Monitoring and Accounting


Answers to GridPP 'Ten Easy Network Questions': Birmingham (10 Questions)

Addition of extra clusters to an existing LCG site

There are three ways to add an extra cluster to an existing LCG site, namely:

  1. Using CPU scaling
    • easy to implement, but
    • only the CPUs characteristics of the clusters can differ
    • the same VOs must be supported on all clusters
    • the site information provider does not reflect the true physical caracteristics of the clusters
  2. Adding a new CE
  3. Hosting several clusters under one CE making use the of GLUE sub-cluster attribute
    • Ideal for small site with many farms
    • allows to enable different VOs on different clusters
    • neat use of the GLUE schema, but
    • APEL requires to add a prefix to the site name
    • got it working, but chose solution 2. for the time being
    • I will put some instructions in the wiki for information in the not too distant future

Our experiences

Migration from a classic to a DPM/SRM SE

Enabling the DNS VO style

gLite Update 27

Ongoing Work and Plans