Big Science & Big Technology in Edinburgh

Tue 7th August 2012

Later this month GridPP will be hosting a session at the Turing Festival in Edinburgh. Focussing on the achievements from CERN and the LHC, the event will include talks from physicists, computer scientists and GridPP.

Started last year the Turing Festival is a not-for-profit event named in honour of Alan Turing, the father of modern computing. It brings together people from all walks of life to discuss how technology affects all aspects of culture and society. With CERN and the LHC garnering a lot of interest in the last few years, GridPP was asked to put together a session that would showcase what was going on there from both a scientific and computing viewpoint.

Prof John Ellis, courtesy of CERN

So over the last few months GridPP has assembled a team of 4 experts from the world of CERN for CERN: Big Questions, Big Science, Big Technology. They will cover how you go about planning and building an LHC, how CERN computing has always been at the cutting edge, where physics could go next and the global effort to provide the computing power needed by the LHC.

The speakers and talks will be:

  • Professor Tejinder Singh Virdee from Imperial College London Physics at the LHC, conceiving and constructing the accelerator and its experiments
  • Dr Ben Segal of CERN – Computing at CERN from Wim Klein to Tim Berners-Lee and beyond.
  • Professor John Ellis from Kings College London – Physics before and after the LHC and where will we go next?
  • Professor David Britton, GridPP’s project leader – The Grid, CERN’s Supercomputer

Prof Jim Virdee, courtesy of CERN

Steve Wozniak, courtesy of Bryan Gosline
Outside the GridPP event one of the highlights of the festival is the keynote talk from Steve Wozniak, the entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc on Thursday evening.

The rest of the festival, however, promises to be just as exciting with sessions on citizen science, mashups, digital publishing alongside debates and workshops.

With 3 very full days, and closing with a massive party in Summerhall, Turing Fest promises to be a fascinating and diverse event with something for everyone.

Tickets are moving fast for CERN: Big Questions, Big Science, Big Technology so get in soon to have a chance to hear these amazing talks and quiz the people who are involved in one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the last 50 years.

The details for the GridPP-organised session are:
Date: Thursday 23rd of August
Time: 09:00 to 12:00
Location: Theatre 4, Appleton Tower, Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9LE
Tickets: £15 in advance from Eventbrite
More information:

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