The GridPP Collaboration

For Collaboration members

If you are a GridPP Collaboration member, you can access older Collaboration-only content here. Some of those pages are being transferred to this new version of You will need your Grid certificate installed in your browser to verify your identity there.

The GridPP Collaboration at GridPP34.

If you’re looking for the GridPP UserGuide – click here.

The GridPP Wiki

The GridPP Wiki is for publicly-available working documents related to running and recording the activities of the GridPP community.


You can see a calendar of all the GridPP meetings for the current month in Indico. Meetings are organised into categories: for example, the twice-yearly GridPP Collaboration meetings.

PMB Minutes

Minutes from the PMB meetings can be found here.


Job vacancies with links to the GridPP Collaboration can be found here.


Collaboration members can submit Visit Notices for approval by the GridPP travel budget holder here. The GridPP Travel Policy can be found here.