GridPP37: (R)evolution

Last week saw the 37th GridPP Collaboration meeting – a.k.a. #GridPP37 – take place once again at Ambleside, kindly supported by BIOS IT. The theme – “(R)evolution” – reflected how things are moving on with GridPP5 and how GridPP is adapting to current trends in distributed computing.

The GridPP Collaboration at GridPP37, Ambleside. Credit: Sam Skipsey 2016.

The sessions covered Information publishing, Accounting and Benchmarking, site (r)evolution, developments with the RAL Tier-1, a look at external user communities, IPv6, and Security. Highlights included a look at how UK grid sites may change in structure, and the challenges these changes may present; a look at the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope’s (LLST’s) grid activities from LSST UK project manager George Beckett, and the latest news on the Ganga grid User Interface (UI) suite.

As ever, huge thanks to Dr L. Campbell for her tremendous work in making the event such a success and to BIOS IT for kindly sponsoring the conference dinner.

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