GridPP PMB Minutes 830 [10 Oct 2022]

Present: DB, SS, VH, AF, SL, AD, AM, JH, KE, JW, TC, DK, DCos, TD, AS, RJ

Impact of Cost of Energy

The rising energy costs (worldwide and in the UK) were discussed in the context of GridPP6 and 7 operations. AS noted that STFC were also interested in this generally.
Planning was done for a number of cases (and the Tier-1’s policy was discussed), as well as longer term modelling projects.

External Collaboration

A possible external collaboration was discussed with relation to meeting next week. DB to send out Zoom links to potential attendees.

OSC Report

It was noted that we have 10 days until the submission deadline.
Status reports from the various contributing chapters were given. SS noted that he was due some QRs to complete his sections.
DB noted that he required highlights from sections (to pull into the Intro) ASAP, and in advance of completed sections if necessary.
DK updated on the status of the Finance Table updates.


It was affirmed that GridPP encourages sites to co-benchmark with HEPSCORE as well as HS06 in the current time.

Risk Register

The Risk Register was discussed and updated for 22Q3. Most risks remained unchanged, but external factors affect a number of the project risks.

SI-0 (Tier-1 Report) AD

Was circulated by email due to time constraints on meeting. KE noted an interest in the WebDav gateway postmortem.

SI-1 (ATLAS Report) JW

No remaining GGUS tickets for UK.
ECHO “issues” relating to FZK only using a single xrootd endpoint (ignoring DNS round robin)
Lancaster next on the “DPM retirement list” for ATLAS DDM Ops.

SI-2 (CMS Report) KE

Planning Tape Recall test (this week).
Session on GPUs at CMS Computing week next week. KE pushing CRAB team on this. Ready for users EoY?

SI-3 (LHCb Report) AM

NTR due to time constraints.