GriddPP PMB Meeting 827


Present: David Britton (Chair), Tony Cass, David Colling, Tony Doyle, Katy Ellis, Peter Gronbech, Roger Jones, David Kelsey, Steve Lloyd, Sam Skipsey (Minutes), Jill Sambrook (Minutes)

Apologies: Alastair Dewhurst, Andrew Sansum, Peter Clarke, Davide Costanzo, Jonathan Hays, Andrew McNab


  1. GridPP48 Ambleside [SS & JS]

The group had a brief discussion about the practical arrangements of next week’s collaboration meeting.

  • There have been few last minute changes, including some dropouts and new registrations, but Sam has been dealing with these and Jill to liaise with the venue over the next week.
  • The agenda has all been formalised. Tim Chown will be unable to give his presentation in person, but will attend the meeting virtually.
  • Technical equipment will be set up by GridPP and hopefully the event can be managed mostly in person, but allow Tim to connect remotely.
  • JS and SS to send out pre-order for meal and details about the event.
  • Unfortunately, on this occasion no sponsorship has been secured. DB said we now need to try and formalise a system for allowing us to get sponsorship for the future. We need to de-couple procurement and sponsorship requests.


  • Discussion continued around a collaboration opportunity with GridPP. DC to find out if there is any interest/potential around this work. DB will leave this with DC and KE and has asked them to get in touch should they wish to go ahead.


SI-0 Tier-1 Manager’s weekly report & Technical Meetings [AD]
NTR – not in attendance 

SI-1 ATLAS Weekly Review and Plans [DCos]
NTR – not in attendance 

SI-2 CMS Weekly Review and Plans [DC/KE]
– Reports on a CE problem – new set up does seem to be handling this better. – Problem with Webdav Transfers on Tuesday. Around the same time as the CE problem. Don’t think this is connected, just coincidental.
– CMS also did a restart of the triple A service last night which seems to have fixed some failing tests.
– Tier 1, 2021 worker nodes in production.
– KE has been dealing with a rather Large back log, or apparent back log, of transfers going to fermi lab. Fixed by update to CMS Rutio.

DB also gave an update on an LHCb ticket for Tier 1, outlining some potential routes to progress.
Silent failure modes in the XrdCeph module have been found to occur; the fix for this should potentially allow other failures in the module to be correctly logged.
Thus, whilst this is not the cause of slow deletes and vector read issues, it may make investigation easier and more enlightening. It is the first sign we might be getting towards understanding an underlying cause. Waiting for more information in the next week or so.

SI-3 LHCb Weekly Review and Plans [AM]
NTR – not in attendance 

SI-4 Operations Meeting Report [SS,PG,PC] –
NTR. GirdPP48 conversation mainly.

SI-5 LCG Management Board Report of Issues [DB]

SI-6 External Contexts (eg NGI/EGI) [PC/JH]

800.5 AD – Arrange in person DIRAC/Rucio meeting at IC (Jan22). -ongoing
– Plans to re-establish virtual meetings and then set up an in person meeting. AD to ask Tim Noble if he can arrange this.

818.5 – DB/SS Group to formalise VOs to be added to the approved list. Ongoing
DB and SS have begun to look into this. 3 in particular were flagged as perhaps needing to be removed.
MaGrid (Morocco institute)
Raised with TBSupport for site feedback on who supports these and SS will wait until he has some feedback about use.
Close to closing this off.
SS has had a couple of talks with Gerard. We still need to decide if we are going to approve MaGrid and SS needs to find out if ComplexSystems needs to be removed.
Dave Colling to “investigate Complex System VO use at IC – adding as a new action.

822.1 – AD to provide update about sponsorship for GridPP48 Ambleside. –no sponsorship on this occasion. Close action

823.1 – AD to Invite Rob to the Wednesday Liaison meeting for a few weeks to discuss LHCb tickets and leave as a standing item at the start of the agenda for a few weeks.

824.1 – SS will take lead on OsC action:
Collaboration to provide brief, narrative information on data recovery processes in the report for the next OsC meeting.

824.2 – DK and AD to draft a short narrative addressing OsC action:
Collaboration to provide narrative in the OsC report on the process that is used to determine the networking costs for GridPP6 for the next OsC meeting
DB asked for there to be a brief statement for GridPP6 with more details and plan for GridPP7.
DK and AD can send draft to DB.

826.1 JS and SS to organise a few things around Ambleisde GridPP48.

  • JS and SS to liaise with Roger and help with pre-ordering
  • JS and SS to investigate parking at the venue. There is potential issues with train service, so we need to make sure other options are available.
  • SS organising technical arrangements
  • Action completed – Close

826.2 SS to put together a few slides on technical situation around Token Transition. These could then be used at either Ambleside or a specific technical meeting about the subject.
SS to also discuss with AD possibility of technical meeting on this subject.

827.1 DC to investigate Complex System VO use at IC

KE gave an update on MINOS data discussed at previous PMB.
There was no significant data they wanted to keep, however, may be some data from previous project. KE still in discussion if they want this information on a memory stick.