Stories from the grid: The top quark

Thu 21st June 2012

Yesterday the European Grid Infrastructure released the third episode of their “Stories from the grid” series. This latest instalment focusses on research being done on the top quark at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

The top quark is one of the fundamental building blocks of the Universe and is one of the particles being studied at the LHC. It could help physicists understand why there are deviations from the standard model and potentially explain many mysteries like dark matter and extra dimensions.

The research is powered by grid computing, which is indispensable. In the video, Marcel Vreeswijk and Hurng-Chun Lee from NIKHEF, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics, explain how the grid is key to analysing and managing the massive sets of data. Without these tools, it would be impossible to pick out the key results that could hold the clues to top quark behaviour.

Previously “Stories from the grid” has highlighted structural biologists and engineers reviving lost instruments.

The video can be seen on YouTube:

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