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This page is obsolete.

The NGS site status table gives an overview of where GridPP sites are in working with the UK National Grid Service (NGS). In the first iteration columns are marked with Yes as applicable. If a site is being monitored appropriate links may be given. For example Inca2 test results are found here .

GridPP Site Status - working with the NGS
Site VO supported NGS affiliate NGS partner NGS staff at site NGS users at site Other/Notes

RAL Tier1 Yes Yes No Yes (NGS-RAL)
Lancaster Yes No No Yes Yes
Liverpool Yes Yes No No No As part of a sharing of compute resources central University e-sciece users will be recommended to use the NGS VO for their serial jobs.
Manchester Yes Yes No Yes Yes Passing INCA tests since 18 of May. University of Manchester MCC is NGS partner so there is staff on the other side of the road. The gridpp VOMS are passing under their control and there are some potential users (at least 1) although so far they've prefered to be part of Northgrid VO to use our resources. At the moment no plan to become partners.
Sheffield In progress No No No No We plan to submit test jobs from UKI-NORTHGRID-SHEF-HEP CE to Sheffield White Rose Grid cluster WNs with aim to test possibility to have a joint NGS and GRIDPP clusters WNs in Sheffield

Durham Yes Yes No No Occasional use in Chemistry site page conformance
Edinburgh No No No 0 0 ECDF has separate NGS middleware at the affiliate level. They have recently secured NGS funding for 0.5 FTE over 2 years. As for users we have a few (Computational Chemistry: approx 2, Evolutionary biology: approx 2). The GridQTL project has about 100 users world-wide using ECDF through the NGS interface.
Glasgow Yes No Yes No No site page Recent logins to Manchester and Leeds. Software Tags published to UEE standard.
London Tier2
Brunel Yes Yes No none unknown site page conformance
IC-LeSC Yes Yes No none unknown
QMUL Yes Yes No No None known site page conformance
RHUL Yes Yes No none one or two occasional, minor users in computer science dept site page conformance
UCL-HEP No No No No No UCL Research Computing continues to watch NGS developments and is seeking to enable intra-campus workflows before considering general purpose inter-campus 'Grid' enablement. The UCL-CCC site no longer exists, and UCL-HEP focuses on HEP VOs.
Birmingham Yes Yes No No No Signed up to the NGS Campus Champion Scheme. Assured that there are local NGS users by NGS staff, but they are not known to GridPP staff :D
Bristol Yes Yes No No None known
Cambridge No No No No None known Tried once in the past, which didn't work; will try again.
Oxford Yes Yes No Yes NGS-Oxford (Is a core site) Not in HEP, users from other sub-departments in Physics
RAL Tier2 No No No Yes (NGS-RAL)