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As a (new) grid user, you can join one of the following GridPP Regional Virtual Organisations (RVOs). To do so, click on one of the following links and follow the instructions:

Which Regional VO should I join?

As the name suggests, the RVO you join should reflect your location in the UK. The Resource Centres (RCs) that comprise each RVO are listed in the table below.

VO Resource Centres (RCs)
LondonGrid Brunel, UCL, Imperial College, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway
NorthGrid Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Daresbury Laboratory
ScotGrid Glasgow, Edinburgh, Durham
SouthGrid Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, EFDA-JET, Sussex

What do I need to do to join a Regional VO?

Click on one of the links above and follow the registration instructions. You will need your grid certificate installed in your browser (which should be the case if you're reading this) and a valid email address for registration notifications.

Once you have received email confirmation of your VO membership, click here.

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