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The File Catalog (or Replica Catalog) maps between the Logical File Name and the Storage URL (or URLs) for files managed by the Grid, e.g.,

/grid/dteam/test/foo ----> srm://
                      \--> srm://some.where.else:8443/pnfs/my.domain/path/to/dteam/foo
                       \-> sfn://

(To do this file catalogs have a notion of at Globally Unique Identifier - but this is now more or less hidden from the user.)

File catalogs can store very basic Metadata associated with files, e.g., ownership, permissions, but they will not store sufficient information about the file to satisfy the demands of end users, so VOs (experiments in the LHC context) will have their own Metadata Catalog specific to the requirements of their users.

File catalogs will eventually interact with the higher levels of the File Copy Service, so that new SURLs will automatically be registered in the catalog.


File Catalog Servers

Modern catalogs for LCG

From the European Data Grid days, there's the now rather outdated EDG Replica Manager.

Other grid catalogs