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The LFC (or LCG File Catalog) has been developed by LCG to resolve problems with the EDG Replica Manager File Catalog.

Tier 2s need to install a local version of the LFC catalog, as set out in Tier 2 DM Requirements. Why is this necessary? This site-local catalog fits into some of the VOs data processing models and provides adds new generic middleware service to LCG .


It's easiest to install the LFC on a single box using YAIM, but you can share the LFC with other LCG components as well.

Information Publishing


Once the LFC is installed you should test it:

Care and Feeding

LFC Resources

HOWTOs and Install Guides

  • The LFC Administrators Guide. Note that most of the install steps described here are actually performed by YAIM, however it provides a good overview and will help if things don't go quite according to plan.

Presentations on the LFC

Performance of the LFC