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Client Tools

The following provides a simple introduction to the SRM client tools.



srmcp is the dCache client tool. It is a command line tool which uploads or downloads files to/from an SRM.

Setting up

The first time you run it, it probably creates a configuration file ~/.srmconfig/config.xml. Most of the defaults are reasonable, but you need to make the following two changes to this file: Set

<use_urlcopy_script> true </use_urlcopy_script>

and you also need to set the right path to the URL copy script:

<urlcopy> /opt/d-cache/srm/sbin/ </urlcopy>

You only need to do that once. srmcp does not overwrite an existing config file.

You must also make sure you have a valid grid proxy before you can use the tool.

Using it

Once the defaults are right, you can use srmcp:

srmcp [options] <from> <to>

<from> here is the source filenames, and <to> is the destination filenames.

To see what the options are, run

srmcp -help

(more stuff)


Introduction to Grid File Access Library. See also details about LCG Utils, which are command line utilities based on GFAL.

Further Details

Some further details about testing SRMs.