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The LCG Utilities package is the main end user command line tool for data management provided by LCG (applications will generally use the Grid File Access Library). The RPM containing these tools is lcg_util, which is installed automatically for WNs and UIs.

Using LCG Utilities

To use these data management tools effectively a few environment variables have to be set.

  • LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS should be set to the BDII server. For UKI sites this should usually be, though can also be used.
  • LCG_CATALOG_TYPE can be set to lfc, however this is now the default so leaving it unset is probably safer. (The old EDG Replica Manager catalog is now deprecated).

Sites should normally set these variables to good defaults in the environment in which LCG jobs will execute. Users may also find it convenient to set

  • LCG_GFAL_VO which sets the default VO (otherwise the --vo <VO> argument has to be given for each command).


All of the tools are documented with man pages. There is an introduction on the GridPP site.

A good place for users to start is the gLite Users Guide: