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Action ID Action description Owner Target date Status Date closed Notes
VOI-DIRAC-001 Set up VO in GridPP JJ 2015-04-30 Closed
VOI-DIRAC-002 Register DiRAC with EGI JJ 2015-05-31 Closed [1]
VOI-DIRAC-003 Write up DiRAC site setup document LH 2015-08-31 Closed Version 1.3 circulated to DIRAC-USERS
VOI-DIRAC-004 Re-evaluate data packaging method JJ 2015-11-30 Closed 2016-01-31 Lydia re-engineered the packaging, focusing on tar, after extensive testing with GridPP
VOI-DIRAC-005 Restart transfers with new method (VOI-DIRAC-004) LH 2015-12-10 Closed 2016-01-31 Successful large data transfer over new year 2016, http://gridpp-storage.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/update-on-vodiracacuk-data-mopvement.html slight error in script (leading to some failures) being updated
VOI-DIRAC-006 Get Leicester ready for transfer JJ 2015-11-30 Closed 2016-07-05 Currently (March '16) debugging script

05/07/16 Believe all work at Leicester is complete

VOI-DIRAC-007 Request or requirement for ACL between sites. BD 2015-11-30 Closed 2016-12-13 Awaiting to here if it is a request or a requirement to keep data access separate between DIRAC sites. If needed new voms roles and castor setup may need to be enabled.

03/05/16 update: VO does indeed need separation. requires voms-proxy usage on transfers and groups to be enacted in voms/. Also needs setting namespace configuratiuon to separate different users.

23/05/16 Now plan ( if acceptable to VO) to explicitly amend gridmapfile to assign specific DNs associated with each site to their own uid within castor.

28/06/16 This is acceptable to VO.

05/07/16 Awaiting deployment by T1.

29/11/16 Still in progress, Further sites closer to needing data trnasfer. other sites need to be implemented. 13/12/2016 Implemented.

VOI-DIRAC-008 Identify next (third) DiRAC site LH 2016-03-22 Closed 2017-02-28 28/06/16 LH contacted to find out who contacts at other sites ( BD points out that these are Cambridge and ECDF so may know them or their colleagues from GridPP

07/02/17 Contacts detail update: Contact at Durham is Lydaia Heck. Contact at Cambridge (HPC) is Stuart Rankin. Contact at Edinburgh (EPCC) is Linda Dewar. Contact at Leicester is Jon Wakelin. Contact for Cambridge (DAMTP) may well be Juha Jäykkä. (Need to confirm this second conatct with LH.)

VOI-DIRAC009 Renewal of Robot certificate at Durham LH 2016-08-05 Closed 2017-03-28 Robot certificate needs to be renewed at Durham (due in one month). LH unsure of methodology. Transfer completing last week so cert must have been updated.