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Upgrade Log

Glite 3.0

Using the tarball install for the WN here As indicated here.
I'm doing the TAR_WN install as a regular user onto an NFS mounted filesystem


  1. A trailing '/' on INSTALL_ROOT causes problems in config_glite when trying to compare variables
  2. The Glite parts don't seem to be as happy with the install on one box then export over NFS model. It keeps trying to create files and directories outside the INSTALL_ROOT. so far
    1. /etc/profile.d/glite_setenv.sh
    2. /opt//glite/etc/rgma/rgma.conf
    3. /tmp/glite
    4. /var/glite
    5. /var/log/glite
    • 1&2 I fixed up
    • Ignored, anything that depends on a driectory in /tmp existing has other problems.
    • Were detected by the installer and alternates created under the INSTALL_ROOT. Not sure that having directories intended for writing shared over NFS is that good an idea.
  3. Further the glite parameters mentioned in section 6.4.5 of this don't seem to be being set by YAIM which causes config_glite to abort. It seems to be fairly easy to just replace the "changeme" text in the template but I though YAIM was supposed to handle this.
  4. YAIM failed on the LFC because root access was only allowed from localhost not the public host name. Changing the LFC_DB_HOST to localhost fixed this.

GGUS tickets submitted

  • 9155: problems with the glite 3.0 tar distribution

Transfer tests

MRTG graphs from the switch ports

Network traffic to/from UCL-CENTRAL's SE during GLA->UCL transfer test on 26/04/2006:

File:Grid PP GW-3.JPG

Our network group swear this is the network traffic to/from UCL-CENTRAL's filestore during GLA->UCL transfer test on 26/04/2006:

File:Grid PP Admin-3.JPG

Network traffic to/from UCL-CENTRAL's SE during UCL->GLA transfer test on 27/04/2006:


Network traffic to/from UCL-CENTRAL's filestore during UCL->GLA transfer test on 27/04/2006:


We've since moved the pool from being NFS mounted to being attached directly to the DPM SE. In addition it now uses XFS. Hopefully new tests should be quicker.

Ganglia monitoring of the filestore

GLA->UCL 26/04/2006:


UCL->GLA 27/04/2006:


Transfer test 06/06/2006

  • Preparation: Had problem with the imperial ui. srmcp on any srm was sitting the following error:
srmcp file://///`pwd`/test100M srm://gfe02.hep.ph.ic.ac.uk:8443/pnfs/hep.ph.ic.ac.uk/data/dteam/ovda/t1
SRMClientV1 : put: try # 0 failed with error
SRMClientV1 : no service found with address /managerv1.wsdl
srm copy of at least one file failed or not completed 
  • Where using the srm client dcache-client-1.6.7-3.i386.rpm. After downgrading to dcache-client-1.6.6-5.i386.rpm things started to work. (srm-get-metadata need to work for the filetransfer.py scripts)
  • First test using: 2 files, 1 stream, 1 file at a time:
    • filetransfer.py --ftp-options="-p 1" --number=2 --delete srm://dcache.gridpp.rl.ac.uk:8443/pnfs/gridpp.rl.ac.uk/data/dteam/tfr2tier2/canned1G srm://gw-3.ccc.ucl.ac.uk:8443/dpm/ccc.ucl.ac.uk/home/dteam/ovda/060605/t1
    • result: 2/2 transferred in 234.832408905 seconds 2000000000.0 bytes transferred. Bandwidth: 68.1336961734Mb/s
  • changed to transfer 2 files in parallel: glite-transfer-channel-set -f 2 RALLCG2-UKILT2UCLCENTRAL
    • result:
2/2 transferred in 132.158806086 seconds,
2000000000.0 bytes transferred.,
Bandwidth: 121.066469Mb/s
  • try with 4 files: glite-transfer-channel-set -f 4 RALLCG2-UKILT2UCLCENTRAL
    • result:
4/4 transferred in 161.839152098 seconds
4000000000.0 bytes transferred.
Bandwidth: 197.727185204Mb/s
  • try with 8 files: glite-transfer-channel-set -f 8 RALLCG2-UKILT2UCLCENTRAL
    • result:
8/8 transferred in 239.701545954 seconds
8000000000.0 bytes transferred.
Bandwidth: 266.99869517Mb/s
  • try with 8 files but two streams per file: --ftp-options="-p 2"
    • result:
8/8 transferred in 268.182547092 seconds
8000000000.0 bytes transferred.
Bandwidth: 238.643419171Mb/s
  • try with 12 files 1 streams
    • result:
7 files transferred but 5 in waiting state with message: Transfer failed. ERROR the server sent an error response: 425 425 Can't open data connection. timed out() failed.
  • I have set the channel back to 8 file

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