Testing a Dirac server

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  • Does the Dirac Webinterface work ? Does it recognize your certificate ? Try the imperial test dirac.

(The structure for any dirac webinterface should be: https://dirachostname:8443.)

  • If you are looking at a dirac server setup on a CERN VM, try
ssh -L 12345:diractest.cern.ch:8443 dbauer@lxplus.cern.ch

then you can look at it at: https://localhost:12345

  • Setup a Dirac UI following the instructions here. If you are doing this at Imperial just put it in your homedir on lx03/lx04. Remember to edit defaults-gridpp.cfg before running "dirac-configure defaults-gridpp.cfg". You need to change ConfigurationServer and Setup according to your dirac server, leave the rest unchanged.
  • Once you are done, make sure you have a dirac proxy for the VO you are aiming for (gridpp in the example):
dirac-proxy-init -g gridpp_user
  • Try uploading a file: dirac-dms-add-file -ddd /dteam/user/d/dbauer/testfile_d1.txt testfile_d.txt IMPERIAL-disk
  • Submit a job according to: User guide

A test suite for the GridPP production dirac can be found in github.

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