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Are you registered with the GridPP DIRAC instance?

Note: The GridPP DIRAC instance is hosted by Imperial College - hence people occasionally refer to it as the 'Imperial DIRAC instance'. It's one and the same thing.

TEST: Log on to the GridPP DIRAC web portal here. You should be able to change the visitor selection in the drop-down menu in the bottom-right corner of the browser to one of the VOs you are registered with.

If you are a member of a VO supported by the GridPP DIRAC instance you will be automatically registered, but please give it 12 h after you joined the VO for the information to propagate. If you still have trouble after this, please email the GridPP DIRAC mailing helplist at gridpp-dirac-users at

What is the GridPP DIRAC instance?

The Imperial College London GridPP Resource Centre hosts an instance of DIRAC on behalf of GridPP. You can read more about DIRAC (Distributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control) here. The Imperial DIRAC instance is is capable of serving multiple VOs, providing grid job and data management capabilities for smaller, non-LHC user communities wishing to make use of GridPP resources.

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