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This page contains a list of packages required on the SL4/64 WN platform using glite3.1.

GLite on SC4 describe workarounds for installing glite 3.0 on SL4/64. A lot of these issues have been addressed in glite 3.1 but WNs still need:

  1. 32bit version of python (for the middleware LFC python API)
  2. compatibility libraries (for building various VO software)

The 32bit python should be installed alongside the native 64bit version. A package has been provided by Michel Jouvin at LAL for this purpose (lal-python-bin-2.3.4-14.2) and simply requires a link to be made to ensure the middleware scripts pick this up (/opt/glite/bin/python2 -> /usr/bin/python32). Note lal-python-bin depends on the 32bit python which you will need to add to a local repository.

Atlas notes

  1. Atlas production will use a binary called python32 if available.
  2. Required package list
  3. Another package list (more recent)
  4. Release software will need re-installing if moving from 32->64bit, the latest KITs will deal correctly with 64bit.

Kickstart config

Our SL4 WNs have the following kickstart groups installed which supply most of the packages.

%packages --resolvedeps
@ development-libs
@ development-tools
@ compat-arch-support
@ compat-arch-development
@ x-software-development

CFEngine config

These are the cfengine rules we've settled on at Lancaster, please amend this page with updates for other VOs. We've only really dealt with atlas, lhcb, and t2k requirements.

       /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/
       /opt/glite/bin/python2 -> /usr/bin/python32

       glite-TORQUE_client action=install
       glite-WN action=install elsedefine=runyaim
       gcc action=install
       gcc-g77 action=install
       zsh action=install
       zlib-devel action=install
       4Suite action=install
       xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL action=install
       xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU action=install
       openmotif-devel action=install
       openmotif action=install
       compat-libstdc++-33 action=install
       compat-glibc-headers action=install
       compat-gcc-32 action=install
       compat-gcc-32-c++ action=install
       compat-db action=install
       compat-openldap action=install
       compat-glibc action=install
       sharutils action=install
       freetype-devel action=install
       lapack action=install
       xorg-x11-devel.x86_64 action=install
       libf2c.x86_64 action=install
       fontconfig-devel.x86_64 action=install
       ncurses-devel.i386 action=install
       pam-devel.i386 action=install
       libgfortran action=install
       # explicite list from Atlas
       sharutils.x86_64 action=install
       bc.x86_64 action=install
       compat-gcc-32.x86_64 action=install
       compat-gcc-32-c++.x86_64 action=install
       compat-libstdc++-33.i386 action=install
       libgcc.i386 action=install
       libstdc++.i386 action=install
       libstdc++-devel.x86_64 action=install
       libf2c.i386 action=install
       glibc-devel.i386 action=install
       zlib.i386 action=install
       freetype.i386 action=install
       libjpeg.i386 action=install
       expat.i386 action=install
       fontconfig.i386 action=install
       openmotif.i386 action=install
       xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL.i386 action=install
       xorg-x11-Mesa-libGLU.i386 action=install
       xorg-x11-deprecated-libs.i386 action=install
       xorg-x11-devel.i386 action=install
       xorg-x11-libs.i386 action=install
       blas.i386 action=install
       lapack.i386 action=install
       readline.i386 action=install
       ncurses.i386 action=install
       SL_libg2c.a_change.noarch action=install
       popt.i386 action=install
       libgfortran action=install        
       # needed for 32bit python LFC API
       # apparently not require by Atlas anymore
       gmp.i386 action=install
       db4.i386 action=install
       bzip2-libs.i386 action=install
       python.i386 action=install
       lal-python-bin-2.3.4-14.2 action=install