RAL Tier1 weekly operations castor 29/07/2013

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Operations News

  • CHS and LHCb successfully upgraded to 2.1.13
  • Logging now fixed since 2.1.13 upgrades - needed an rsyslog configuration change
  • We are now restarting draining since the 2.1.13 upgrades

Operations Problems

  • Some transitory CMS file access problems which appeared under high load. Possibly related to RAID Java disk utility that was leaving lots of CLOSE WAIT connections?
  • ATLAS reported slow data deletion rates. Turns out a very small number of deletion requests were taking a very long time. We are awaiting further information from ATLAS to allow us to debug the problem.

Blocking Issues

  • none

Planned, Scheduled and Cancelled Interventions

Entries in/planned to go to GOCDB Gen stager upgrade to 2.1.13-9 on Tuesday

Advanced Planning


  • None


  • None


  • Castor on Call person
    • Shaun
  • Staff absence/out of the office:
    • none