RAL Tier1 weekly operations castor 21/7/2017

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Draft agenda

1. Problems encountered this week

2. Upgrades/improvements made this week

3. What are we planning to do next week?

4. Long-term project updates (if not already covered)

  1. SL7 upgrade on tape servers
  2. SL5 elimination from CASTOR functional test boxes and tape verification server
  3. CASTOR stress test improvement
  4. Generic CASTOR headnode setup
  5. Virtualisation of the CASTOR headnodes

5. Special topics

  1. OCF 14 firmware update

6. Actions

7. Anything for CASTOR-Fabric?

8. AoTechnicalB

9. Availability for next week

10. On-Call

11. AoOtherB

Operation problems

Blocking sessions in CMS Stager DB RT191741 191752

SAM test failures for CMS 191755

Operation news

Firmware upgrade on the rest of OCF14 disk servers

Plans for next week

The Stack Clash patch on all Tier-1 CASTOR instances

Long-term projects

SL6 upgrade on functional test boxes and tape verification server: aquilon configuration is complete for the functional test box, all Nagios tests are in place and a creation of HyperV VM is undeway to replace the old box. The test for tape verification server is pending.

Tape-server migration to aquilon and SL7 upgrade

CASTOR stress test improvement

Configure multiple instances of a CASTOR generic headnode

Virtualise CASTOR headnodes; currently enquiring whether we move to VMware or HyperV

Drain and decomission/recomission the 12 generation disk servers

Special actions

Future CASTOR upgrade methodology: CERN need to provide RAL with a customed DB downgrade script for the on-the-fly CASTOR upgrade procedure


Ensure that Fabric is on track with the deployment of the new DB hardware

RA to ensure that proper Nagios checks are in place for the xroot manager boxes

GP to talk to AL about service ownership/handover of the xroot manager boxes

RA to continue nagging Martin to replace Facilities headnodes

Ensure that httpd on lcgcadm04 is up and running and the machine points to the right DB RT191377


All in