RAL Tier1 weekly operations castor 17/11/2014

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Operations News

  • xrootd security advisory with FAX component within xrootd
  • SL6 Headnode work - hoping to enter stress testing W/C 17th Nov (using realistic jobs from Alastair / Andrew if possible)
  • Draining - latest estimate is to complete draining in 11 weeks (with no breaks). LHCb draining rate test - pseudo rebalancing also underway

Operations Problems

  • gdss720 / gdss763 are both drained, out of production and currently being worked on by Fabric team
  • gdss659 still in atlasNonProd
  • Atlas load early in week resulting in failed transfers for a few hours - plan is to use CERN rebalancing in 2.1.14-15 to resolve
  • CMS missing files GGUS – more work required

Blocking Issues

  • grid ftp bug in SL6 - stops any globus copy if a client is using a particular library. This is a show stopper for SL6 on disk server.
  • webdav access for LHCb now working

Planned, Scheduled and Cancelled Interventions

  • A Tier 1 Database cleanup is planned so as to eliminate a number of excess tables and other entities left over from previous CASTOR versions. This will be change-controlled in the near future.

Advanced Planning


  • Plan and publish SL6 deployment plans
  • Plan to ensure PreProd represents production in terms of hardware generation are underway
  • Possible future upgrade to CASTOR 2.1.14-15 post Christmas
  • Switch from admin machines: lcgccvm02 to lcgcadm05
  • Correct partitioning alignment issue (3rd CASTOR partition) on new castor disk servers


  • Upgrade Production headnodes to SL6



  • Castor on Call person
    • Chris (TBC)

  • Staff absence/out of the office:
    • Matt - out Monday and Tuesday
    • Shaun - out Tuesday
    • Rob - out Monday (poss more in week TBC)