RAL Tier1 weekly operations castor 14/05/2012

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Operations News

  • Successful switch from rtcpclientd to tapegateway for Gen

Operations Problems

  • (Fri) Expired CRLs on the SRMs (including some disk servers) affected ATLAS, LHCb and CMS from 1800 till 0100 Sat morning. FP#246

Blocking Issues

  • Need to relocate Repack stager to a database running 11g prior to being about to upgrade it to 2.1.12.

Planned, Scheduled and Cancelled Interventions

Entries in/planned to go to GOCDB

Description Start End Type Affected VO(s) Lead by
Switch from rtcpclientd to tapegatewayd 15/05/12 10:00 15/05/12 11:00 Downtime LHCb Matthew
Switch from rtcpclientd to tapegatewayd 16/05/12 10:00 16/05/12 11:00 Downtime ATLAS+CMS Matthew
Switch from LSF to Transfer Manager 28/05/12 10:00 28/05/12 11:00 Downtime CMS Matthew
Switch from LSF to Transfer Manager 29/05/12 10:00 29/05/12 11:00 Downtime Gen Matthew
Switch from LSF to Transfer Manager 30/05/12 10:00 30/05/12 11:00 Downtime LHCb Matthew
Switch from LSF to Transfer Manager 07/06/12 10:00 07/06/12 11:00 Downtime ATLAS Matthew
CIP 2.2.0 upgrade (STC) TBD TBD At-risk All Matthew

Advanced Planning


  • Test and re-apply CIP upgrade (Jens, Matthew)
  • Test and certify 2.1.12-4 and 2.1.11-9 (Matthew, Chris)
  • Stress testing of Transfer Manager (TM) (Shaun, All) DONE
  • Ganglia monitoring for TM (Rob, Chris) DONE
  • Re-instantiate certification on HyperV VMs using Quattor+Puppet (Rob)
  • Stress testing of CV11 generation disk servers on preprod (Rob, Matthew) DONE
  • Selection of disk-only prototype solution (Shaun, Rob, Brian, James)
  • Switch to Tape Gateway on repack and test (Tim, Matthew) DONE


  • Upgrade repack to 2.1.12-4 (May)
  • Switch from LSF to TM after 2.1.11-8 upgrade. Will need to better stress-test TM on preprod with more disk servers. (Apr)
  • Switch to Tape Gateway (TG) once it has been tested on repack (May)
  • Upgrade Castor Facilities and Tier1 instances to 2.1.11-9 (Jun)
  • Upgrade Oracle to 11g (Jun)
  • Upgrade to 2.1.12 on Tier1 instances once we are happy with TM and TG in performance (Jul)


  • Castor on Call person: Matthew
  • Staff absence/out of the office:
    • Bank Holiday Monday