RAL Tier1 weekly operations Grid 20120430

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Operational Issues

Description Start End Affected VO(s) Severity Status


Description Hosts Type Start End Affected VO(s)

Blocking Issues

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Highlights for Tier-1 Ops Meeting

Highlights for Tier-1 VO Liaison Meeting

Detailed Individual Reports


  • Moved PhEDEx debug instance to 4_1_0
  • Investigating ATLAS, gsoap other FTS issues
  • Fixed problem with CMS VOMS servers in some services
  • CMS reprocessing (incl debugged issues with TSG workflows; dealing with HPA requests; investigating Fall11 PhEDEx subscription problem)
  • Attended UK CMS computing meeting at Bristol
  • This week
    • FTS BDII publishing GGUS ticket
    • Investigate slowness of FTS monitoring page
    • Investigate batch system issues
    • Investigate StageManger issues
    • Complete fully-quattorized xrootd proxy server
    • CMS reprocessing (general; write scripts to check global tag & pileup)


  • EMI CREAM [ongoing]
  • gLite3.2 LFC update
  • gLite3.2 VOBOX update
  • BDII FTS publishing [ongoing]


  • APR
  • APR LM comments
  • Cvmfs server updates - new lhcb condb


  • APR
  • Education Access Days
  • Next Gen Storage
  • Quattor for CASTOR


  • Work on APR. [done]
  • Test ARGUS EMI Server in production environment. [ongoing]
  • Test EMI/UMD Worker Nodes lcg1060 lcg1062 in production with the latest kernel/errata/cvmfs. [ongoing]
  • Deploy EMI/UMD Worker Nodes lcg0763 lcg0764 on gridTest queue without YAIM & with the latest kernel/errata/cvmfs. [done]
  • Submit Change Control for ARGUS EMI Server. [to do]
  • GGUS ticket #81538 - Advertised WMS won't accept t2k.org jobs [done]
  • GGUS ticket #81606 - MyProxy renewal for T2K.org on lcgWMS 02/03 [ongoing]

VO Reports





OnCall/AoD Cover

OnCall Rota

  • Grid OnCall: Catalin (Mon-Fri), Andrew (Sat-Sun)