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WARNING: information not up-to-date


There are several VO-boxes installed at RAL.

Alice lcgvo0597.gridpp.rl.ac.uk ganglia stats
CMS (1) lcgvo0428.gridpp.rl.ac.uk ganglia stats
CMS (2) lcgvo0598.gridpp.rl.ac.uk ganglia stats
CMS (3) lcgvo0599.gridpp.rl.ac.uk ganglia stats
LHCb lcgvo0425.gridpp.rl.ac.uk ganglia stats

Machines were installed following the instructions in the VO-box HowTo. On top of this installations some specific configurations (according with experiment requirements) have been made. Also, the UI configuration has been done using the YAIM config.

The SGM users can login to each of the VOBoxes

 $ grid-proxy-init
 $ gsissh -p 1975 lhcbsgm@lcgvo0597.gridpp.rl.ac.uk 


The VO-box is operational.

ALICE experiment v0.5: ALICE Security and Operations


The VO Boxes host the PhEDEx and FroNTier services.


LHCb required a service certificate, a request was made the UK CA for a new service type of lhcbvobox.

This service certificate/key pair has been available on lcgvo0425.

  # openssl x509 -in /home/lhcbsgm/service_certificate/hostcert.pem -noout -subject
  subject= /C=UK/O=eScience/OU=CLRC/L=RAL/CN=lhcbvobox/lcgvo0425.gridpp.rl.ac.uk/Email=tier1-certificate@gridpp.rl.ac.uk

LHCb_VO-box.pdf: LHCb VO-box operations and security questionnaire

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