RAL Tier1 CASTOR Strategic Milestones

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Action ID prefix Status
G = From Grid Services Team Meeting Open = Action has been created
T = Added by Team members or Team Leader Progress = Action is being worked on
P = Created by other project members Closed = Action is complete
R = Created by UKI ROC/Production Manager Rejected = Action is rejected

Target Date Expected Date Owner Action Title Notes
29-Oct-07 29-Oct-07 ATLAS Start of M5 Test at RAL Atlas say "If we assume an overall efficiency of ~50% we

will get ~10 TByte/day or 100 TByte for the whole run. For M4 the overall efficiency was much lower than 50% but I assume we learn and do better this time. Still, I think we will not produce more than this 100 TByte. In the reconstruction in the T0 we will produce ESD files again and that will be 10% of the RAW, so maximally 10 TByte."

31-Oct-07 31-Oct-07 SRM V2 functional Test complete Testing on LHCB isntance
1-Nov-07 1-Nov-07 LHCB Finish testing CASTOR configuration
5-Nov-07 5-Nov-07 CASTOR Nameserver upgraded to 2.1.4
6-Nov-07 6-Nov-07 CASTOR repack instance upgraded to 2.1.4
12-Nov-07 12-Nov-07 ATLAS atlas T0 tests disk1 on repack and certifies OK
12-Nov-07 12-Nov-07 CASTOR SRM V2 Hardware and O/S installed
13-Nov-07 13-Nov-07 LHCB Stop writing to dCache
13-Nov-07 13-Nov-07 CASTOR LHCB Upgraded to 2.1.4

19-Nov-07 19-Nov-07 CASTOR ATLAS Upgraded to 2.1.4
19 Nov-07 19-Nov-07 CASTOR SRM V2 database schemas installed (on prod-RAC)
20-Nov-07 20-Nov-07 CASTOR CMS Upgraded to 2.1.4
26-Nov-07 26-Nov-07 CASTOR Nameservers and tape servers upgraded to SLC4
30-Nov-07 30-Nov-07 LHCB Start reconstruction and stripping on CASTOR
30-Nov-07 30-Nov-07 CASTOR repack Instance in production for small users

1-Dec-07 1-Dec-07 CASTOR SRM V2 in production
26-Nov-07 26-Nov-07 CASTOR repack instance in production for repack
30-Nov-07 30-Nov-07 CERN CASTOR 2.1.6 released for testing CASTOR 2.1.6 is not on RAL-LCG2's critical path yet as we have no outstanding

bugs or missing functionality addressed by 2.1.6.

30-Nov-07 30-Nov-07 RAL All 2.1.4 Upgrades Must be completed Any later than this and there will not be time to eliminate bugs before CCRC08 phase 1
1-Jan-08 1-Jan-08 LHCB Complete data migration to CASTOR stopped using dCache
Jan-08 Jan-08 CERN 2.1.6 deployed into production at CERN It is unlikely that we will wish to deploy 2.1.6 at RAL ahead of CCRC08
31-Jan-08 31-Jan-08 CASTOR Oracle RAC installed for each experiment

1-Feb-08 1-Feb-08 Start CCRC08 phase 1
28-Feb-08 28-Feb-08 End CCRC08 phase 1
1-May-08 1-May-08 Start CCRC08 phase 2
31-May-08 31-May-08 End CCRC08 phase 2