RAL Tier1 CASTOR Disk Servers

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The page documents the disk servers deployed in CASTOR and the service classes that they belong to.

Service Class to Disk Server Mapping

*** NOTE: this page is no longer current and will not be kept up-to-date ***

Service Classes Instance Disk Servers Capacity / TB;

1 TB = 10^12 B

cmsFarmRead CMS gdss71, gdss72, gdss73, gdss74, gdss75, gdss76, gdss77, gdss84 72.75
cmsWanIn/cmsWanInTest CMS gdss93, gdss94, gdss95, gdss96, gdss97, gdss173, gdss174, gdss175, gdss176, gdss177, gdss178, gdss179, gdss180 141.85
cmsWanOut/cmsWanOutTest CMS gdss85, gdss90, gdss125, gdss126, gdss127, gdss181, gdss182, gdss183, gdss184, gdss185 116.39
cmsTest CMS gdss78, gdss98, gdss128 19.10
cmsSpare CMS gdss171 5.46
atlasFarm ATLAS gdss103, gdss104, gdss113 16.37
atlasSimRaw ATLAS gdss105, gdss106 10.91
atlasSimStrip ATLAS gdss80, gdss99, gdss118, gdss119, gdss120, gdss124, gdss129, gdss131, gdss135, gdss141, gdss142, gdss143, gdss144, gdss149, gdss151, gdss152, gdss154, gdss155, gdss156, gdss159, gdss166, gdss167, gdss168, gdss169 134.57
atlasStripInput ATLAS gdss81, gdss82, gdss83, gdss92, gdss107, gdss108, gdss109, gdss110, gdss111, gdss112, gdss134 70.93
atlasT0Raw ATLAS gdss114, gdss115, gdss116, gdss117 21.82
lhcbDst LHCB gdss79, gdss88, gdss89, gdss91, gdss121, gdss136, gdss137, gdss138, gdss157, gdss158, gdss160, gdss161, gdss162 74.56
lhcbMdst LHCB gdss69, gdss70 18.19
lhcbRawRdst LHCB gdss101, gdss122, gdss123 16.37
lhcbUser LHCB gdss172 5.46
lhcbSpare LHCB gdss163 5.46
opsTest LHCB gdss51 6.36
dteamTest LHCB gdss43 3.70

Last Updated: 2008-03-20 (Chris Kruk)

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