PPS sites snapshot - July 2007

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  • Machines: 12 machines assigned, currently 9 in active use.
  • Install method: complete reinstall
  • Middleware: All GLite 3.0.2
  • Services: UI,WMS,CE,SE+DPM (0.6 TB),MON,WN on Sl308, WN on SL4.5. 2 XEN machines: first with the same hardware 4GB memory,500GB additional disk and with 4 virtual UI (glite3.0.3); second with 3GB memory, 70 GB additional disk, no virtual machines for now.


  • Machines: 7 nodes, all: Dual Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.00GHz with 512kB cache 512Mb RAM
  • Install method: Always partial upgrade, using apt-get and yaim
  • Middleware: gLite 3.0.2 Update 35
  • Services: gLite-CE; gLite-WMSLB; gLite-MON; E2EMONIT; gLite-UI; 2 x gLite-WN. 3.1 gLite-WMSLB, coupled to PPS resources
  • VOs: atlas alice lhcb cms dteam picard biomed ops gridcc


  • Machines: 8 boxes for the PPS all on BaBar cluster equipped with 2 P3 CPUs and 1024MB of RAM each. 3 services nodes have disks of 80GB and workers 20GB.
  • Install method: Updates (to pick up problems with yum repository)
  • Middleware: PPS Update 35
  • Services: lcg CE, RB, MON, DPM SE (and gLite CE in case testing needed by UKI). 4 WNs.
  • VOs: alice atlas biomed calice cms dteam test.gridpp.ac.uk lhcb ops

Bham was selected to take part in PPS pre-release testing for the lcg-CE and RB