Operations Issues

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This is a Wiki area to track operations issues

Issue ID prefix Status
O = From Operations team meeting Open = Issue has been created
OS = From joint Operations team and Sites meeting Progress = Issue has been raised to relevant party
BR = Created by Buck Rogers Resolved = Issue has been resolved

Deployment issues log
Issue ID Issue description Level Affected area Date raised Status Date closed Notes
OwnerInitials-Date-Number (starting at 1) What is the issue? Who does it affect? Which area? The date the issue was raised The present status (Open/Progress/Closed) The date of the issue being resolved Details of any follow up or resolution

Accounting issues
Issue ID Issue description Level Period Date raised Status Date closed Notes
Site_name-date What is the problem / Why is the accounting data being questioned Who is aware (Site/Ops/PMB). Date and link to any discussion. What are the start and end dates of the problem? Date on which issue was raised Status (To be investigated / Confirmed / Taken into account/ Declined) Date status communicated to site Additional notes

See also: Operations Team Completed Actions