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To benchmark your network before doing the transfer test an iperf instance is running at Glasgow.

Download the source ./configure and make all. You do not have to install it just pick the binary that is under src.

 ./iperf -c -p 27890

will test with one tcp stream. Ideally you should try with the number of streams specified for the grid-ftp

 ./iperf -c -p 27890 -P 10

site table

Bandwidth Table for [LT2]

Site RHUL QMUL IC-HEP (sedsk00) IC-LeSC UCL-HEP UCL-CCC Brunel Scot-Gla Scot-Ed
RHUL (gridraid4) 73.7Mb/s(20s) 72.1Mb/s(20st)
QMUL (se01) 351Mb/s(20st) 499Mb/s(30st)
IC-HEP 282Mb/s(20st) 317Mb/s(50st)
IC-LeSC (mars-se) 85Mb/s(20st) 94.2Mb/s(20s)
Brunel (dgc-grid-34) 75Mb/s(20s) 76Mb/s(20s)
Scot-Ed 302Mb/s (50st)