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Job Submission from Ganga to Dirac

Dirac is the job submission and management tool used by LHCb. Jobs are submitted to Dirac, via Ganga, which then submits these to the grid and monitors their progress. The Dirac Job Monitoring page shows detailed information on all your jobs and allows you to perform tasks, such as getting stdout, resubmitting and killing jobs.

There is a local installation of the Dirac software on the linux8 cluster in the HEP department, University of Manchester. Users with access to linux8 can use the local Dirac installation to submit jobs to Dirac via Ganga.

First, Ganga must be installed and configured for LHCb, as described here.

We need to add some lines to the login script (e.g. .profile or .bashrc) specifically for Dirac and because the version of python we will use is in a non-standard location. Add the following:

export MYSITEROOT=/nfs/software/LHCbSoftware
export CMTCONFIG=slc4_ia32_gcc34
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/python/python-2.5.2/lib/
export PATH=/opt/python/python-2.5.2/bin/:$PATH


Next login to linux8

jcullen@pc34:~$ssh linux8
ssh(8346) Warning: Permanently added the RSA1 host key for IP address '' to the list of known hosts.
Enter passphrase for /afs/
Identity added: /afs/ (/afs/
WARNING : using environment variable CMTCONFIG for cmtconfig
Configuring LbScripts v3r1 from /nfs/software/LHCbSoftware/lhcb/LBSCRIPTS/LBSCRIPTS_v3r1
*                           ---- LHCb Login v3r1 ----                          *
*           Building with gcc34 on slc4_ia32 system                            *
*           DEVELOPMENT SCRIPT                                                 *
 --- CMTROOT is set to /nfs/software/LHCbSoftware/contrib/CMT/v1r20p20070208
 --- CMTCONFIG is set to slc4_ia32_gcc34
 --- User_release_area is set to /afs/
 --- CMTPROJECTPATH is set to $User_release_area:$LHCb_release_area:$Gaudi_release_area:$LCG_release_area
 --- projects will be searched in $CMTPROJECTPATH
Using CMTPROJECTPATH = '/nfs/software/LHCbSoftware/lhcb:/nfs/software/LHCbSoftware/lcg/external'
Environment for LbScripts v3r1 ready.
(LbScripts v3r1 from /nfs/software/LHCbSoftware/lhcb/LBSCRIPTS/LBSCRIPTS_v3r1,
 LCGCMT 55c from /nfs/software/LHCbSoftware/lcg/external/LCGCMT/LCGCMT_55c)

We now run the Setup for Dirac:

jcullen@pc101:~$SetupProject Dirac
Configuring Dirac v4r2 from /afs/
Using CMTPROJECTPATH = '/afs/'
Environment for Dirac v4r2 ready.
(Dirac v4r2 from /afs/

Dirac should now be correctly configured as a backend for Ganga to submit jobs to. Run a simple test to confirm everything is working.

jcullen@pc101:~$voms-proxy-init -voms lhcb
Enter GRID pass phrase:
Your identity: /C=UK/O=eScience/OU=Manchester/L=HEP/CN=james cullen
Creating temporary proxy ....................... Done
Contacting [/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/] "lhcb" Done
Creating proxy .................................................................. Done
Your proxy is valid until Sat Jun 13 01:44:33 2009


*** Welcome to Ganga ***
Version: Ganga-5-2-3
Documentation and support:
Type help() or help('index') for online help.

This is free software (GPL), and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; type license() for details.

Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.JobRegistry       : INFO     Found 11 jobs in "jobs", completed in 0 seconds
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.JobRegistry       : INFO     Found 0 jobs in "templates", completed in 0 seconds
/opt/ganga/external/ipython/0.6.13/noarch/lib/python/IPython/ Warning: 'with' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6

In [1]:j=Job()

In [2]:j.application=Executable(exe='/bin/echo',args=['Hello World'])

In [3]:j.backend=Dirac()

In [4]:j.submit()
Out[4]: 1
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.Job               : INFO     submitting job 12
Ganga.GPIDev.Adapters              : INFO     submitting job 12 to Dirac backend
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.Job               : INFO     job 12 status changed to "submitted"

In [5]:

To follow the job progress using Dirac go to in a browser with your certificate in it.