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The cern developed grid interface software Ganga can be installed in your home area on AFS. It means submitting to the grid without knowing the particular edg-type commands. And gives an easy way of keeping track of submitted, pending, failed, completed jobs. Allows resubmission and copy/edit of the job specs.

It can be used to create jdl files themselves.

And there's even a GUI...

I have used it to submit and monitor jobs which run "custom" software (wget, link to afs, tar -zxvf, ./configure etc), i.e. not big experiment monte-carlo, however Ganga has been developed with ATLAS in mind.

--Christopher glasman 18:01, 8 Aug 2007 (BST)

Ganga v4.3.1 is installed on the AFS under the /g/ilc folder and can be run using the following line: /afs/

--Benjamin Radburn-Smith 14:17, 22 Jan 2008 (GMT)