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Installation of Ganga

These are simple instructions on how to install Ganga on a general desktop/laptop SL4 UI, such as the desktop machines in the Manchester HEP Department. For further information see the Ganga homepage

  • Login to the UI
  • Navigate to the location you wish to install Ganga. Download the latest version of ganga-install
  • Install Ganga

When installing Ganga, the specific version you want installed must be specified, or alternatively the LAST option can be used to install the latest production version. Also certain external packages are available for inclusion, which enhance the basic install.

Installation options are given by:

python ganga-install --help

Example installation for ATLAS, including external additional packages:

python ganga-install --extern=GangaAtlas,GangaNG,GangaPanda,GangaGUI,GangaPlotter LAST

Example installation for LHCb:

python ganga-install --extern=GangaLHCb,GangaGUI,GangaPlotter LAST

  • Start Ganga

Once installed, type


to start the iPython interface, or if you want to start the Ganga GUI (and installed it as an external package) type

~/Ganga/install/5.1.10/bin/ganga --gui

Modify the above path to match the installation directory if not your home directory, and matching Ganga version (or add it to your PATH e.g. export PATH=$PATH:~/Ganga/install/5.1.10/bin/).

Configure Ganga to submit to the grid

Ganga can be configured to take on certain default values at startup through the modification of the .gangarc file. By default Ganga will use the local machine backend, i.e. submit and run jobs on the local machine, which is useful when testing. However for submitting to the grid (backend = LCG) a few config changes need to be made.

To submit jobs to any of the LHC VOs through the WMSs at RAL, you must use either WMS01 ( or WMS02 ( (see RAL Tier1 WMS). Check that this is correct in the glite_wms.conf file for your VO e.g. for ATLAS VO check /opt/glite/etc/atlas/glite-wms.conf and for LHCb /opt/glite/etc/lhcb/glite-wms.conf If these do not contain the correct WMS you must copy this file to a local directory and then modify it to point to the correct WMS.

The configuration options are grouped into sections, with section headings enclosed in [square brackets]. Make the following changes to .gangarc (change lhcb for your particular VO)

Config = /opt/glite/etc/lhcb/glite_wms.conf
VirtualOragnisation = lhcb

args = []

backend = LCG

middleware = gLite

If you have modified the glite-wms.conf file then point the Config = to it.

You should be ready to go now. Just save this file, load your VO proxy and start Ganga. There are many other configuration options that you can add (e.g. specifying particular CEs, SEs etc) - these instructions only give the basic setup.