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Welcome to the NGS-GridPP interoperation activities wiki pages

This wiki is maintained by those working on improving the interoperation between the NGS and GridPP infrastructures.

GridPP sites becoming members of the NGS

There are two levels at which a resource can join the NGS, partner or affiliate.

A partner should provide a ‘significant resource or service’ for NGS users. The procedure for joining is defined such that after notifying the NGS of their intention to join, sites gain assistance in the installation of the necessary software interfaces (which are compatible with GridPP installed middleware). Once installed these are tested and must complete a full week of compliance testing without error before being certified as a recognised NGS resource. Additionally, they must also complete a service level description (SLD) document which will be agreed by the NGS Board, detailing the resource and level of support they are intending to offer users. They are also eligible to nominate a representative from their organisation to attend the NGS Technical Board.

An affiliate whilst, still passing interface and service tests, does not have to provide an SLD and may maintain control over the user community that they are serving through their system.

So far these GridPP sites have become members of the NGS;


  • Glasgow


  • Birmingham
  • Imperial
  • Oxford

Feedback on the process ... The Oxford gridpp Tier 2 site has enabled the VO and has been working with Steven Young, the Oxford NGS site sys admin to get Oxfords gridpp site to affiliate status. In order to be considered you have to pass conformance tests successfully for over a week. Once this target has been meet a NGS Technical Board meeting decides whether to approve you. See

Joining in progress

  • Brunel
  • Durham
  • Liverpool
  • Royal Holloway
  • Manchester

Running jobs

At the current time all GridPP sites are encouraged to support the generic NGS VO: Details of for this VO (including YAIM fragment) can be found elsewhere on this site GridPP approved VOs.

A test VO is being establised to allow .....


After consulting with GridIreland, the NGS has decided to role out MPI_START as a way of enabling MPI across its heterogeneous grid. The NGS WMS-LB (currently gLite 3.0) hosted at, needed a minor change to allow MPI: the LSF and PBS job wrappers were modified to remove the hardcoded calls to mpirun, this is currently handled by the MPI_START scripts.

(18/7/07) Currently, MPI jobs have been successfully tested at RAL, Manchester and Leeds, while only RAL has deployed MPI_START. Work is now being carried out across all core NGS sites to provide a consistent MPI interface via MPI_START.

15/4/9: Glasgow have successfully been supporting MPI on their system. We would like to fund them to document this such that other sites may implement these solutions.


How do VOs get approved from the EGEE side. Who signs and what work is being done to create inter-grid policies....


GridPP runs SRM, where the NGS tends to run SRB (although the ETF has previously evaluated DPM and found it suitable for use on the NGS - watch this space).

See SRM SRB interoperability.


Other areas where we should capture progress and methods.