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Site: Name of Site (eg RAL-LCG2)

Incident Date: Date of Incident

Severity: Field not defined yet

Service: eg BDII/DPM

Impacted: Who was impacted (eg ATLAS, all local VOs, GRIDPP sites, Global)

Incident Summary: Short summary suitable for inclusion in higher level reports. One short paragraph.

Type of Impact: Data Loss/Down/Degraded/Other (please describe)

Incident duration:

Report date: When was this report written

Reported by: Who wrote this report

Related URLs: Any URLs relating to this incident

Incident details:

Free text description of the cause of the problem and its resolution

Future mitigation:

Free text description of how site plans to minimise future occurrences

Related issues:

Anything else relevant


Date Time Comment
Actually Started When did the fault actually start
Fault first detected Nagios/Admin/User ... etc
First Advisory Issued How/To who
First Intervention When you first tried to intervene
Fault Fixed When was the problem resolved
Announced as Fixed How, to who
Downtime(s) Logged in GOCDB at risk/unscheduled down (what components/VOs) repeat as necessary
Other Advisories Issued Where etc repeat as necessary