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This is part of the core operations team activities. Interoperation in this context is interoperation across administrative domains.

Important for this area are groups that act to co-ordinate groups, including EGI, which co-ordinates NGI's, and WLCG, which co-ordinates projects.

Key pages for information are the WhosWhoOfTheGrid and Muddleware

  • Proposal: WhosWhoOfTheGrid to be modified to be a list of GridPP involved communities - rolled into Approved VO page?
  • Proposal: Muddleware has been modified to show current EGI repos and EGI Ops campaigns

The task (as of July 2015) primarily involves:

1) Attending the monthly (was biweekly) EGI operations meeting and liaising between this meeting and GridPP Ops.

Previously this task also involved:

2) Working with NGS colleagues to develop VO sharing across GridPP and NGS

3) Remaining aware of new grid tools that could potentially be adopted to the advantage of GridPP operations

4) Keeping people informed of future developments in middleware (functionally part of liaison task)

5) Co-ordinating the response to the co-ordination implemented by co-ordination bodies and individual groups trying to co-ordinate.

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