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Pilot Role

Please remember to enable the pilot role for all VOs supported by the GridPP DIRAC instance.
If you (as a site admin) notice a distinct lack of jobs submitted via the GridPP DIRAC instance, please contact Simon and Daniela at Imperial.


To enable automatic configuration of your Vac/Vcycle site, please create the following extension for the service in GOCDB:

PILOT_DN_GridPP <user_data_proxy DN>

The SE name parameter for your site can be found on the GridPP DIRAC web interface. Select "Configuration Manager", then "Resources" and then "StorageElements".
The update agent runs every 6 h. Please take this into account when doing updates.
Here is an example for the Imperial vcycle site.


(this is not complete yet, please ignore for the time being) GridPP DIRAC assumes that your GPUs have a dedicated queue per GPU type.
A discussed in the technical meeting, for each GPU queue create an extension tag to the CE:

GPU_GridPP_<queue> with value <Software>_<Memory in GiB>[_EX] 

Software: CUDA, OpenCL
Memory: Integer rounded down to the nearest GiB, zero is OK
_EX: runs in exclusive compute mode
An example would be, here for a Nvidia Tesla K40
GPU_GridPP_my_amazing_queue CUDA_11