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Dr. David Stockdale (Physics Network Manager) D.P.Stockdale@durham.ac.uk, +44 191 334 43644 Mr. Tom Turnbull (Acting Head of Infrastructure) Tom.Turnbull@durham.ac.uk +44 191 334 42783


Dr. Stockdale is responcible for all of the Physics network, Mr. Turnbull is responsible for the connection to Physics, the connection to JANET via NORMAN and other networks on campus


NORMAN, they provide the connection to JANET.


SuperJANET 4 is the current version of Janet (1G connection) SuperJANET 5 is the next version, it will run at 2.5 G

5. File:/scratch/Mark.jpg


We have


Departmental Router (Black Diamond) 384G 96 million bps

HP 2648 in rack 13.66 10 million pps


Traffic flow between department and campus -

110 mbps Down 70 mbps Up

Traffic between campus and Norman (from ITS)

Average (in + out) traffic on the NorMAN link for week Nov 14 to Nov 21
  4.181%  or just under 42Mbit
  Peek or Maximum in the same time was
  10.934% just under 110 Mbit

Connection from Durham to NORMAN 1G

Upgrade plans

Not sure.


IS Security not sure what is ment by this term.

Yes we have a firewall

Changes are done by the firewall team in ITS, the change requests are submitted via a password protected web form.

The device capacity is

The firewall has gigabit ports on the internal and external interfaces
  However I would not expect to get more than 650Mbit depending on the type of 

traffic and the load put on the firewall.


I have a basic understanding, however a course may be of some use.

I have never done TCP tuning again a course would be of use.

I don't have an application.