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Dictionary of terms which I've had to look up when working with DIRAC (by rcurrie feel free to contribute/correct)

DN - Distinguished Name. This uniquely describes the entity which this certificate was issued for. e.g. /C=DE/O=GermanGrid/OU=DESY/CN=John Doe

CN - Common Name. e.g. your name

VOMS - Virtual Organization Membership Service. http://toolkit.globus.org/grid_software/security/voms.php

WMS - Workload Managment System. The central part of the DIRAC system

CE - Computing Element. A computing resource DIRAC is able to use when running jobs. e.g. CONDOR, batch, CREAM...

SE - Storage Element. Places where data can be stored. e.g. CPPM-disk, CERN-USER, ...

DMS - Data Management System. This is the system which allows the uploading of local files to a remote Storage Element (SE) or downloading the file again.

FC - FileCatalog. Dirac catalog of file replicas and metadata. This contains the mapping of 1LFN to potentially many replicas across different SEs

SMS - Storage Managment System. I's unclear to me how this is different to the DMS...

BDII - Berkeley Database Information Index. Provides/stores information on the status of Grid services which are important. http://gridinfo.web.cern.ch/introduction

CS - Configuration Service. A (typically per-VO) service containing the configuration of various CE and SE elements on the grid.

CA - Certificate Authority.

DISET - . The communictions protocal used by DIRAC services for inter-service communication built upon RPC but expanded.

RPC - remote procedure call. Allows a program to execute something in a given address space.


WLCG - Worldwide LHC Computing Grid The grid

SLA - Service Level Agreement Decides when/where your grid job will run

LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Allows for one password per user to access many different services through a single sign-on system