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The DiRAC VO supports the DiRAC project in two distinct ways:

  • It supports the general application area of DiRAC on the grid, i.e. high performance computing for cosmology, astronomy, nuclear physics, etc.
  • It supports the collaboration between GridPP and DiRAC projects.

As DiRAC is itself an e-infrastructure, it does not currently need or use any computational resources on the grid, so the VO currently focuses on the second of these goals. Initially, we focus on moving a couple of petabytes from Durham to RAL; we will later expand to other DiRAC sites. The data is moved with FTS at RAL.

In the past we have discussed other types of interoperation, e.g. submitting jobs across the infrastructures - which might require, say, a SARoNGS type authentication for DiRAC users to access GridPP. Such activities would also be in scope for the VO but are currently on the back burner.

Current status

  • (June 2015) Testing initial transfers from Durham to RAL