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Upgrade from SL3 to SL4

When upgrading your DPM from SL3 to SL4 (and probably gLite 3.0 to gLite 3.1) you should first have a look at these pages:

Upgrade from LCG 2.6.0 to LCG 2.7.0

Between the LCG 2.6.0 release of DPM (1.3.8) and the LCG 2.7.0 release (1.4.5) there were two structural changes to DPM:

  • The database schema was upgraded to version 2.1.0, adding indexes to some of the DPM databases.
  • DPM was modified to use fully qualified domain names throughout, allowing DPM to have disk servers in different domains.

When upgrading an older DPM it is necessary to make changes to the MySQL database tables to ensure they work with the new version.

Upgrading from the official LCG 2.6.0 DPM (version 1.3.8)

For sites running the official DPM, a standard YAIM upgrade will invoke the function config_DPM_upgrade which will perform the necessary database upgrades.

Upgrading from the intermediate DPM 1.4.1 release

If your site upgraded to DPM 1.4.1, and changed the database schema to add the new indexes (probably following these instructions, the config_DPM_upgrade will not work. It uses the old schema version to trigger both upgrades.

As a 1.4.1 DPM requires the FQDN change to upgrade to 1.4.5, then instead use a modified version of the config_DPM_upgrade function.

Do this before you run YAIM to upgrade your DPM head node.

  1. Download http://www.physics.gla.ac.uk/~graeme/scripts/config_DPM_upgrade.
  2. Save it as a YAIM local function, usually in /opt/lcg/yaim/functions/local.
  3. Take a MySQL backup, just in case...
  4. Run the YAIM upgrade as normal.

If your site upgraded to 1.4.1 and did not modify the database schema (it did not seem to be absolutely necessary) then the standard LCG YAIM function should work.

The script has been tested and should be harmless for sites at other versions of DPM, however, I wouldn't generally recommend it unless you need it ;-)