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If you want to be reassured that DPM has installed properly, here's a checklist of what the state of the machine should be after install.


After YAIM has installed DPM you should have the following daemons running:

  • rfiod and ftpd running as root (head node and disk server nodes).
  • dpnsdaemon, dpm, srmv1, srmv2 running as dpmmgr (head node only).


These daemons listen on the following ports (which have to be opened in your firewall):

 DPM server      tcp 5015
 DPNS server     tcp 5010
 SRM server v1   tcp 8443
 SRM server v2   tcp 8444
 RFIO server     tcp 5001
 GridFTP server  tcp 2811                   control port
 GridFTP server  tcp 20000 - 25000          data transfer port range

In addition, because rfio only does control on 5001, but opens data channels on arbitrary ports, all ports between DPM nodes should be open.

New Users

Daemon Utility Users

After installation there will be two new users created

 dpmmgr -
 edguser -

dpmmgr is used as a non-priviledged user to run daemons (see above), edguser to publish the DPM's information to the site BDII.

Pool Users

Given the VOs are supported in the site-info.def file, the usual pool accounts will be created, e.g.,

 VO New Users  
 alice alice001 - alice050 and alicesgm
 atlas atlas001 - atlas050 and atlassgm
 cms cms001 - cms050  and cmssgm
 dteam dteam001 - dteam050 and dteamsgm
 lhcb lhcb001 - lhcb050 and lhcbsgm
 sixt sixt001 - sixt020 and sixtsgm


All filesystems added to the DPM should be owned by the dpmmgr user, e.g.,

 # ls -ld /dpmStorage0
 drwxr-xr-x    4 dpmmgr   dpmmgr       4096 Jul 27 13:09 /dpmStorage0

Once files arrive in the DPM per-VO subdirectories are created mode 0770:

 # ls -l /dpmStorage0
 drwxrwx---    4 dpmmgr   dpmmgr       4096 Jul 27 13:09 dteam

Configuration Files

System Configuration Files

DPM (Head Node Only)

The DPM configuration file /etc/sysconfig/dpm should exist and give the host names of the DPM and DPNS server, as well as the location of the DPMCONFIGFILE:

 export DPM_HOST=<SE_HOST>

DPNS (Head Node Only)

The DPNS configration file /etc/sysconfig/dpnsdaemon will exist containing:

 export DPM_HOST=<SE_HOST>

Note that the DPM and DPNS database configuration files are the same in the default YAIM install.

dpm-gsiftp (All Nodes)

Similarly for /etc/sysconfig/dpm-gsiftp

 export DPM_HOST=<SE_HOST>

rfiod (All Nodes)

Finally, the configuration file for the rfio daemon is /etc/sysconfig/rfiod, of which the important entries are:


DPM/DPNS Database Configuration File (Head Node Only)

The database configuration file should have been created, by default in /opt/lcg/etc/DPMCONFIG

This files should contain:


The DB_NAME parameter can be used to change the database name from the default of dpm_db if necessary.

Permissions File: shift.conf

/etc/shift.conf determines the hosts which have priviledged access to certain daemon services:

Head Node

On the head node, all of the RFIOD TRUST entries should list the headnode itself. The DPM and DPNS entries should list all of the disk servers:

 RFIOD TRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk
 RFIOD WTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk
 RFIOD RTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk
 RFIOD XTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk
 RFIOD FTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk
 DPM TRUST grid11.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11 grid12.ph.gla.ac.uk grid12
 DPNS TRUST grid11.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11 grid12.ph.gla.ac.uk grid12

In this case grid08 is the headnode, grid11 and grid12 are disk servers.

Disk Servers

On the disk servers the RFIOD TRUST entries should list the headnode and the disk server:

 RFIOD TRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11
 RFIOD WTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11
 RFIOD RTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11
 RFIOD XTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11
 RFIOD FTRUST grid08 grid08.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11.ph.gla.ac.uk grid11