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Disk Pool Manager can now add pools via the DPM Yaim Install method. This is the recommended way of adding new pools. If you add a pool after the general installation of DPM then do the following:

DPM Head Node

  1. Modify the DPMPOOL_NODES variable on the DPM head node to include the new disk server and its filesystem paths.
  2. Rerun the YAIM script to add the new disk server as a DPM/DPNS trusted host.
 /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -v -s siteinfo/site-info.def -n SE_dpm_mysql

DPM Disk Server

Run a DPM Yaim Install in the usual way.

Now you will want to do a DPM Pool Test.

A Note On UIDs

The DPM server and the pool node must share the same uid/gid for the dpmmgr user. Installing onto fresh SL boxes will probably ensure this, but on boxes which have had other system users added YAIM may not create the correct uid/gid for dpmmgr. If you do not have shared authentication, e.g., through NIS, it's probably safest to create the dpmmgr user first, before embarking on the YAIM install.